Edvinas kaziunas

physical workforce


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I am driven to help people I like helping others support people then they need that because I want to be surrounded by people with the same intentions and mindset. Sometimes I need help too. I don’t like to be a leader say to people what they have to do, I like to make decisions as a unit as a team.I am always Willing to be there for others, I don’t like to turn away from people I am always willing to help them and support because no one knows maybe one day I will have a tough moment and they will do the same thing. I have a need to do things together  I also have a need to be emotionally in connection with the other person this is more of and relationship thing to me I don’t need to be connected emotionally with my friends or classmates I am driven to create an emotional involvement with others I have this drive because I like to be open with people who are surrounding me I like to support each other and talk about feelings not only about basic things.I am one of those people that are learning things by doing them, this method really fits me because by doing I’m starting to get the thing and understand them better. Prefer to keep things simple I am always looking for the simplest solution that is not complicated easy to apply and clearly understandable. Motivated to achieve practical results. I am always doing my best I can, and I am willing to see progress. Need to reflect. It is always beneficial to revise learned material and I am focusing on this as my study key. I Can handle setbacks and criticism well. This feature is with me since my childhood I worked with myself a lot and know I will not be frustrated from a bad word. The need to go after what you want and expect success. If you are doing something in life and you are not believing in it you will probably fail. Trust yourself.  People need to trust what they are doing because if our not trusting yourself who is going to trust you. Being optimistic. I am always looking for a Brightside, and it helps during hard times in life. Flexible in dealing with unexpected events. Flexibility is a key in life if something is not going well you need to do it the other way, Performs well under time pressure. In my opinion, living under pressure is making you more productive (you always need to press yourself to do better) Spontaneously responds to situations.  It makes you more flexible you can come up with the idea faster Motivated by a stable environment the need to accumulate material possessions and property. every person should have this feature some people have it more some less but those who don’t have it at all majority of them ends up in front of a trash container. Doesn’t like to waste I don’t like to buy new stuff if I can still use my old (it is really dependent) Repairs and promotes reuse. I’m not a green freak but reusing stuff helps for our planet, in second hand the save money by repairing old stuff Acts budget responsible. I always save money and try to spend it wisely the need to do whatever it takes to get an important job done. Being primarily goal-orientate. People shouldn’t forget the goal that they are aiming for even if they are using the other rout. Dares to question common rules. Focus on quality, for me having a decently made good is satisfying and also, I think all people seek for quality even though they don’t have it. The need to get what you deserve. Everything is on your shoulders and its up to you are almost always getting what you deserve. Motivated to take responsibility for your own cause. If everyone would take their responsibilities the would be a better place because most of the people are avoiding it.  Encouraged to take care of yourself.  Taking care of yourself makes you more independent and free Wants to make sure that everyone gets the same chances (fairness). We all deserved fairness as a human being.   – Prefers a limited number of contacts and one-to-one relationships.  One on one is important in these days it is turning in a dinosaur. Respecting the individuality of the other. It is important to give a person his own space. Being quiet. Wanting to be free from social obligations. Enjoying solitude. Motivated to spend significant time raising your children Motivated to place your children’s needs before your own. Wants to create a home, I am interested in DIY things and interior, creating something gives me freedom. Motivated to treat children as equals. It is important to show them they are not lower than parents. The need to be respected. Holds importance to formalities, reputation, wealth, titles or (social) hierarchy. The need to be respected. Then people treat you respectfully you become meaningful and important. But everything starts with repursue of prestige and status symbols. Can admit being wrong. If you won’t admit being wrong, you can’t improve. Driven to win. Starts a discussion skeptically. Motivated by beauty and form rather than functionality. Loves beautiful forms, possibly arts and design. Appreciates the way things can be presented. Beliefs that the form must be adapted to the content. Sees eating as a biological need to satisfy hunger. Driven to enjoy food. Encouraged to enjoy food and cooking. The need for an active lifestyle. Motivated by the relaxation of the body. Driven to experience physical relaxation. Is Risk-taking. Takes calculated risks. Likes to be healthy. Motivated to feel safe and secure.