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A.P.S., a partner and associate of Try-act EWIV, is looking for (candidate-)Non-Type-Rated Pilots.

A.P.S. is an international employment agency, mediating worldwide between pilots and acknowledged aviation companies.
A.P.S. offers (Non-Type-Rated) pilots (m/f) a Type-Rating, regardless of nationality and will do their utmost to provide you with a loan.
The main objective is to offer airlines extensively tested, selected, and Type-Rated pilots.

Would you like to join A.P.S.? We are asking ‘input and commitment’ and will provide quality in return!
During the course of the course, we provide you with ample coaching and guidance.

Your qualifications

  • Valid EASA-License: ATPL, Frozen ATPL, MPL or CPL
  • Valid Multi-Engine Rating
  • MCC Certificate
  • Valid Medical Class I
  • 100 hours PIC when conducted in a modular course or
  • 70 hours PIC when conducted in an integrated course
  • English Language Proficiency (LPE) level 4 or higher or equivalent
  • Entitled to work in the EU / EEA
  • Valid EU / EEA Passport with unrestricted right to live and work in the EU

Our loan-based training offer

On demand of airline companies, we propose candidate-pilots matching the desired company profile. We will invite you for an admission interview to ascertain whether you match the A.P.S. profile.
Next, your flight skills will be tested. After successful completion of this test, we may offer you a Type-Rating including Base Training, which will take place at FSC Schiphol.
The main focus of this training and Type Rating are either a Boeing 737, or an Airbus A320, depending on the requirements of the airline company.

Please note: We will only provide a loan in case we can actually offer you a job.

Are you interested? Kindly forward a copy of the following documents

  • Motivation Letter
  • C.V.
  • Copy of EASA License / Medical Class I / MCC
  • LPE 4 or equivalent
  • Flying School Diploma/Certificate
  • Last 4 pages of logbook
  • Results Theoretical Exams
  • Passport or equivalent

For more information or application

Please visit our website www.airlinepilotservice.com
or contact us by email  info@airlinepilotservice.com
or phone +31 (0)88 2055 600

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